Amaya Gaming to Buy Parts of Bwin?

Amaya Gaming has been making some serious moves over the past few months. They are determined to get near the forefront of online gaming, and are using their financial might to accomplish this. Their next target looks to be Bwin. Rumors are circulating that Amaya Gaming is trying to buy

Amaya_bwinA source close to the negotiations had this to say: “Nothing has been finalized because there are a lot of details to work out. However, there is real intent on both sides to get this thing done. Amaya is willing to pay big money for this transaction.”

The Financial Times were the first source to give this story traction. Two of their analysts said they had heard rumblings regarding talks between Amaya and It is reported that these talks have been progressing for quite some time.

The FT reporters claim that the talks between and Amaya started at the beginning of the fall. They are now at an advanced stage, with an announcement expected at the end of this year or in January 2015. Despite these elongated talks, it took the media a long time to discover that was for sale, let alone the fact that Amaya Gaming was the buyer.

When this speculation became mainstream last week, people were expecting bwin or Amaya to release a statement playing down speculation. However, the statement that was released by did not play down the chances of a takeover.

Here is what had to say: “There has been a lot of talk about a company making a bid to try and buy Our board would like to say that there have been some discussions with an unnamed company about this possibility. However, no deal has been completed. We will release a statement in due course with more information.”