Bold Poker App Turns iPad To Dealer and iPhone To Poker Hand

Poker fans now have an innovative game to cheer about that was released by Bold Poker to bring the thrill of real-time poker to players. To distinguish itself from hundreds of poker applications in the market the designers of Bold Poker have developed it in such a manner that an iPad can function as a dealer and iPhone can be players’ poker hand and they can play with real chips. Its creators have attempted to recreate casino poker environment with separate output for player and dealer along with tangible poker chips. This game can be played by a single individual or a group of players each person holding an iPhone along with an iPad and internet connection.

How to play Bold Poker

Bold-Poker-AppThe Bold Poker App is downloaded on all instruments and once it is switched on the application automatically syncs all players into the game. Among them the iPad acts as a dealer and carries out the mandatory shuffling and before doling the cards to all the players. After this receiving their respective hands players have to swipe the cards to reveal them and place their bets with real-time chips. You can take a peek at your cards on the iPhone like a typical poker game in a casino to make bet decisions.

Latest innovations in Bold Poker

To make the game accessible to blind players, its developers have created a voice over facility which reads out players’ cards to them through headphones synced to the instrument. If you want to look at your cards without allowing others to peek then use the peek mirror option to see their mirror image by tilting the phone to a light angle. Though the prospect of playing real time poker can be really exciting for iPhone users, you cannot hope to play anything complicated than a Texas Hold’em game with it though makers are planning to add some more games to it.

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