Boss Monster Fantasy Card Game Now On Tabs

Boss Monster, a four-player physical card game is now available as a digital adaptation on tablets. Players have to make room for expansion of their main dungeon, which can lead to environmental damage too, but can increase their chance of killing opponents. The digital version of Boss Monster is quite similar to physical card game of same name which can be downloaded for free if users make an in-app purchase of $6.99 of other applications which is cheaper than the original physical version. The winner is declared when one player remains in the fray who is called a boss monster.

Digital Boss Monster

digital_boss_monsterThe advertising campaign for the game kick started last year and ended with an expenditure of $149741 which is now available on Android, iPad and Kindle increasing its popularity. You can play with random online opponents or friends with “pass and play”. This game now has new cards along with existing ones from base set that players can use to their advantage. This digital version has been developed as a partnership effort between Brotherwise Games (Original creator of Boss Monster) and Plain Concepts which has brought it to tablet versions. The original essence of the game has been retained along with damages and treasures awarded to winners which are all in digital format.

New features:

  • You can now play against all three AI opponents as a solo opponent without necessity of having additional physical players.
  • You can challenge other players of the game online.
  • As a sole player you have the advantage of challenging all the bosses and engaging them in different rooms and trying out the spells provided in the base game. Players can also try out “out of print” cards that have not been seen by recent players of the game.
  • New digitally enhanced premises along with new cards and bosses to allow statistical changes and offer value to change.