Explore Mayan Ruins and Find Riches

Ancient Mayan people found astronomy, mathematics and religion rewarding, but you can gain monetary prizes when playing the Mayan Princess slot machine. The Mayans are known for their impressive calendar and skill with written language, but the Mayans were a strong and fierce group who built temples and lived among dangerous creatures in the forest. It will take smarts, strength and luck to get a generous payout from this game.

Slot Information

mayan princess slot machineMicrogaming created this slot game with 5 reels and 20 pay lines that highlights some aspects of ancient Mayan culture. The game can be played online with a computer, Android or iOS. You will encounter ferocious tigers and alligators, see delicious peppers and corn and get a look at temples and important Mayan symbols.

Some Winning Combinations

  • Five Women = 3,000 Coins
  • Four Logos = 3,000 Coins
  • Five Tigers = 2,000 Coins
  • Five Suns = 1,000 Coins
  • Four Women= 500 Coins

Bonus Games And Wilds

Mayan women played important roles in rituals and were even rulers, and the princess is the most valuable symbol in this slot game. The princess brings good fortune because the princess logo is a wild card, and five logos result in the maximum prize of 5,000 coins. There is also a bonus level that is triggered when pyramids appear on reels one and five simultaneously. Free spins are awarded in the bonus, and the prize amounts are doubled.

Special Effects

The enticing atmosphere created in the Mayan Princess game will make you want to explore real Mayan ruins. The graphics are colorful and fun, and an exciting jungle soundtrack makes the game an adventure. If you win enough coins, you may be inspired to take a vacation in Mexico, Guatemala or Belize.

The Mayan Princess slot machine pays homage to a great civilization in a respectful way. If you are tough enough and the spirits favor you, you could prosper.