Former UNLV Basketball Star Creates New Baccarat Game

It is not unusual to spot one of the most exciting basketball players of NCAA history in a busy game room in Las Vegas. Bobby Florence is well-known for stopping by the popular gaming floor at the Gold Coast. This is where people from all walks of life are placing wagers on a new and exciting baccarat game called Rabbit’s Play.

Bobby_FlorenceBobby Florence continues to show his patented million dollar smile around the game room. Many basketball fans will not forget when he scored thirty five points in one half against Saint Mary’s four decades ago. At that point in time, many NBA scouts were drooling over his magnificent talent. Florence was a premier player who added depth to Jerry Tarkanian’s Running Rebels.

Florence shifted his attention to the casino world after his professional basketball days were over. His intelligence and casino experience helped him create a new baccarat game. Rabbit’s Play is an exciting game that is designed to give players an opportunity to maximize their earnings. Florence had a vision of expanding the basic game play of baccarat. He wanted to create a baccarat game that provided more viable options for players.

Rabbit’s Play is an intriguing baccarat side bet game that pays out on the banker’s hand and the player’s hand. Players may bet on whether the banker, the player, or both will get a three of a kind. Players may also place a wager on the possibility of getting a pair with their first two cards. Three of the same suit pays 500 to 1 while an unsuited three of a kind pays 50 to 1. This is great for players who have been looking for a baccarat game that offers fair winnings.

Many gaming insiders believe that Rabbit’s Play will slowly gain more popularity as time progresses. This is great news for a former collegiate basketball star that has no problems in showing his dynamic smile.