Latest Gaming Bust at Popular Las Vegas Casino

The FBI was recently accused of executing a scam at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. They were targeting Paul Phua, who is a suspect of illegal gambling. According to Tom Goldstein, who is Phua’s lawyer, the FBI agents came in disguised as computer technicians or repairmen carrying secret cameras to get evidence. At first, they made an attempt to deliver a PC to Phua’s room but were held back by a butler.

caesars palaceThen Phua’s internet was strategically disconnected by the FBI which would require him to ask for the services of a repair person. The repairman who ultimately reached Phua was unveiled as a disguised FBI agent. As the FBI agent spoke to Phua talking about the need to check the router, the other agents got an opportunity to have a look at the room and conveniently record proof in the absence of a warrant.

Improper means to collect evidence against Phua

Goldstein is a top attorney at the United States Supreme Court and has filed for suppressing all the proof which was recorded secretly by the FBI agents. He believes the case is serious with possible nation-wide implications. He further added that this case would possibly be a test to know the extent to which the FBI can go to deceit people and get into their room or homes.

What does the law say?

As per the laws in the United States, when somebody’s property is investigated, the individual must relinquish his/her constitutional security against unfair searches unless a warrant is obtained by the authorities. Any evidence which is not collected using fair or proper means is not allowed to be presented or used in the court during trial.

In Las Vegas, the FBI posed questions related to the practice to the United States Attorney’s office in the city. A spokeswoman for Daniel Bogden, US Attorney said prosecutors knew about the allegations being put forth by defence attorneys but refused to comment, hinting at a forthcoming trial. According to Mark Rasch, who is a former federal prosecutor, the case is quite unique.