Maryland Casinos Bet Big on Table Games

Casino owners in Maryland have recently decided that table games will become a more widespread option for gamblers who are visiting brick-and-mortar casinos like Maryland Live, Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, and Hollywood Casino Perryville. More specifically, several Maryland-based casino operators have begun to replace slot machines with various table games over the past year.

Maryland_Live_CasinoIn total, managers at Hollywood, Horseshoe, and Maryland Live have eliminated over 1,350 slot machine games during the past 15 months.

Slot Machines Lose Mass Appeal

With the rise of online gambling, one of the most interesting trends to emerge at traditional casinos is the dwindling popularity of slot machine games.

Experts believe that another reason for the waning popularity of slot machine games is that younger gamblers are not particularly interested in slot machine games. Casino representatives suggest that twenty-something gamblers prefer live entertainment, restaurants, and interactive gambling games over slot machines.

Other Casinos Examine Slot Machine Usage

Outside of Maryland, other casinos have seen slot machines become less popular. Statistics show that there were over 217,000 slot machines in Nevada casinos in 2001. Now, in 2015, there are less than 175,000 slot machine games in those same Nevada gambling outlets.

Casino Operators Seek Solutions

Along with politicians, casino operators in Maryland are aggressively seeking ways to keep gamblers interested. One casino manager says that his casino has relied more heavily on table game tournaments and live poker events to attract larger crowds of gamblers.

Nevada’s governor, Brian Sandoval, has suggested revamping classic slot machine games by making them more interactive for younger gamblers. Sandoval believes that interactive slot machine games would allow for younger gamblers to engage with the casino experience in new and exiting ways.