The Dark Knight Rises Slot – Fight Crime Alongside Batman

If facing the worst kinds of evil and fighting them to bring peace is something you fancy, The Dark Knight Rises is the perfect slot game for you. You can become legendary, fight evil and protect Gotham city with Batman. Your heroism and courage in fighting evil and crime will be rewarded in this slot game with big rewards and free spins. The game is a 5 reel slot that gives you 243 different ways to win. Batman, Bane, Selina and Commissioner Gordon and many other characters from the Batman series make an appearance in this game.

What this slot game has on offer for you

Dark Knight RisesThis game has been developed and released by Microgaming, the second Batman-themed slot game to be released by them. It is a huge improvement on the earlier game and has much better graphics and movie clips from the film this game is inspired by. It also uses the music from the film to bring its dark theme to life.

The two very interesting features are Symbol Scramble and Free Spins. When the first feature is triggered, it rearranges all the icons on the slot, giving you a maximum chance of winning. The free spins are, curiously, triggered when you lose a spin in the Fight Mode. There are other equally interesting modes associated with each character.

Especially for Batman and Bruce Wayne fans

If you are a Batman series fan, this game will see Bruce Wayne back in action as Batman once again. Instead of big wins, this game offers smaller but more regular wins when playing. The game sounds complicated but is actually not so difficult to get used to. Although this game struggles to keep up with favourites like Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II, it still manages to hold its own when it comes to slot games.