Victoria Coren Bids Adieu to PokerStars Over Online Casino Games

Victoria CorenA big name in the world of poker, as well as a columnist and presenter for a big BBC game show, Victoria Coren Mitchell has decided to end her stint as a representative of in its pro team over the firm’s decision to launch casino games online. Although she was assured by the company that her name would not be used in any way to promote this new service she refused to budge from her decision to quit. She said that she does not want to be associated with the new service in any way, actively or passively.

Online casino games dangerous, says Coren

Coren-Mitchell has justified her decision to quit saying that she finds the idea of casino games dangerous, especially if conducted online. Explaining what she means, she says that poker is a fair game with an equal chance for everyone to win or lose. Other casino games, she contends, are unfair as they have unfair odds to start with. Such games, especially if hosted online, can be quite dangerous and addictive to someone who may be vulnerable or desperate for money. She would not want to make a living out of something that she considers dangerous to people and would not want to make her living that way she says, in defence of her decision.

She is saddened by the decision, but she said she will stick to it. She has parted ways with the company on good terms and there is no bad blood between them.

Coren’s poker love

Victoria Coren is a star in the world of poker. Coren made poker history when she won the European Poker Tour title in 2006, along with prize money of £500,000, the first woman to win the title. She made history again in 2013 when the won the title yet again, becoming the only poker player in history to win the title twice.