Vietnames Gamers In Luck: New Cambodian Casino To Open

When it comes to games and gambling, Vietnam has some laws that may seem rather strange to those residing in other countries. While the country of Vietnam has several casinos, the law prevents local residents from gambling at the casinos unless they have a foreign passport proving citizenship of another country. While the idea of keeping the residents of one’s own country out of the casinos may seem strange, it is nonetheless a seemingly successful business model for the Vietnamese tourism and gaming industries, which have both benefited from the influx of Chinese whales and overnight gamers who take advantage of the hotels attached to the casinos.

Cambodian Casino

However, the upcoming opening of a brand new casino just across the border of Vietnam in Cambodia has provided many local Vietnamese gamers in the area with a new hope of easy access to games of all types in the new casino. The Roxy, scheduled to open in August, is set to be just 200 meters from the border, with close proximity to Ho Minh City, one of the largest metropolises in Vietnam. Although it’s a Cambodian casino, a majority of the marketing seems to be geared toward residents of their neighboring country.

The idea of opening a casino in one geographic region to cater to residents of another one is not that uncommon. It’s a practice that is employed throughout the world. Prime examples can be seen in the United States of America near the Lake Tahoe region of Nevada and California. The two states have very different gambling laws, with casinos set up in Nevada that get much of their business from wealthy Californians. And when you begin to look at the online gaming world, you see that there truly is a wide and extensive network of marketing to foreign residents by regionally established casinos and gambling networks.

The Roxy, to be opened in Bavet City, will offer 20 different tables – five of which will be high-stakes gaming tables – and eight online gambling tables. The games they’re offering also include slot machines and sports betting areas. It will be operating 24/7 once it’s opened on August 12, 2014. In addition to the games it’s offering, it will also offer a 50 seat restaurant, and a small hotel for those wanting to stay on for longer visits. While the Vietnamese government may not want to allow their locals to gamble, the Cambodian government certainly has no problem with opening up their doors to the vast market of border-dwelling locals in their neighboring country.